A number of music concerts are expected to be held in the fond memory of Earle de Fonseka.The major work in the programme will be Dvorak's string serenade. Written in 1875 at a time when the composer was free of all worry and stress, the serenade recalls the divertimento genre of the previous century.

It is music for the common man, for listening at leisure, and probably the earliest of the composer's output for this purpose. He has scored the work skilfully to bring out a variegated palette of string colours. The string ensemble will also perform a delightful work by Mozart, the Divertimento in B flat major, to end the concert.

In between the two string works will be the rich and varied sound of a wind quintet (flute,oboe,clarinet,horn and bassoon), performing another Divertimento in B flat major, the one composed by Haydn which contains the famous "St. Anthoni Chorale" as the slow movement.