David Guetta loved working with Taped Rai

French DJ David Guetta was really excited to work with Taped Rai, the Swedish newcomer pair, on his forthcoming single called 'Just One Last Time' as he saw it as a scope to serve them so that they could be good artists.

The renowned French DJ has worked with the Swedish newcomer pair in his forthcoming single, but till last year, the forty five year old DJ and producer has not heard about the pair. According to reports, he really keen to work with the pair and serve them to rise as artists.

DJ David Guetta told that he had never heard of the Swedish before, but as he is always excited to work with all the new artists, he immediately contacted them. He is known for his collaborations with top international stars.

He added that he is always ready to meet new people and find out new talents and more importantly he want to help those people to grow. After a few days, he started working on the tune, Taped Rai liked it. After that, they finished this together in his studio in Ibiza.

The French DJ told that working with the Swedish band as a very demanding progress as it was their very first record. But the result was really good. He bonded well with them.

While speaking to a leading newspaper, he told that the whole process was quite demanding as they had few sessions in his studio.