Doug Aldrich leaves Whitesnake, explains why?

Just a week after declaring his departure from the well known rock band Whitesnake, guitar player Doug Aldrich has issued a new statement that explains the reasons as why he decided to leave the band. In fact, he also offered a glimpse regarding his future in this business.

Doug told that as there is still some question regarding his situation with Whitesnake, he want to officially clear the air. He told that it was insanely difficult to take the decision of leaving the band. He has had several live and recording commitments. Therefore, he needed a more flexible schedule to conclude these before going full force as normal. Unfortunately, his schedule was not workable. Even though he was not contractually bound with Whitesnake, still it was a hard decision.

He added that the results between David Coverdale, the Whitesnake lead singer, and him were really fruitful. This made the decision even harder. He treasured his more than a decade relation with the band. Two DVDs, 2 studio records, 3 live records as well as roughly thirty Coverdale/Aldrich tracks. The prerogative of being an ambassador for the band is a great responsibility that he took quite seriously.

It was David Coverdale who started the band thirty five years ago with very high integrity. Doug stated that it was a real honor to hold that high standard when he was in the band. Like a whole lot of great things, now, this also has come to an end.