Professor Green Apologizes For Jokes

English rapper Professor Green has apologized for the jokes that he made on Twitter about the eating disorder “Bulimia”. If recent reports are to be believed, Green came down to hot water after he termed the eating disorder bulimia “intelligent”.

He tweeted saying that sufferers get a chance to eat a lot and stay skinny afterwards. After sensing an ambience around his stupid comments, Green again tweeted saying that he is extremely sorry for the comments that he made.

He also said that he wants to take this moment to apologize for the insensitive tweets. He also made it clear that not for the first one he is apologizing for the previous comments that he made. Green added that he will be soon sanitizing his music as well.

ssailing his critics Green continued that people should be smart enough to read things and it depends on their thoughts whether they will agree it or not. Dan Round, clinical nurse specialist said that “Bulimia” is a life threatening disease.

It was earlier this month that Professor Green got into some problem on Twitter after some Stone Roses fans criticized his place on the support bill for the band’s famous Heaton Park gigs at the beginning of this year.
Green’s debut album that created stir worldwide was Alive Till I’m Dead. Professor Green tweeted recently that he is working on his third solo album. He also has expressed his feeling to work with great stars like Emile Sande, Lily Allen and Ed Sheeran.