Professor Green defends Rita Ora

British singer/songwriter Rita Ora’s ex boyfriend Rob Kardashian arrogated that the singer had cheated on him with nearly 20 dudes. Not only this, he also said that Rita is actually a disgusted woman who could give up her body to not less than 20 dudes and that also within a short time. She can just do anything to start her career.

This has become a hot topic of discussion since then, especially on Twitter. Fans are discussing her alleged infidelities on the social networking sites. But everyone was shocked when Rita’s good pal Professor Green who took to twitter to support his friend, who has been accused badly by her ex.
Professor Green wrote “Girls need to drop the Rita hate. One tweet from an ex she left and you are gassing? Begging for an excuse if you ask me. Lame.”

His post was enough for Rob’s fans to react after the British star tweeted “That’s something I never expected…Rob K. fans tweeting me. Alright then…Back to my evening”

It was since a long time that Rob and his sister Khloe started accusing Rita for cheating with 20 men. But the Hot Right Now singer had yet not responded to the allegations.

Instead of reacting, the singer overshadowed her break up with Rob by announcing her Radioactive tour 2013. She took to Twitter and wrote that “The Tour Is Here, Radioactive Tour!!UK I Promised A Tour Here It Is!!Go Get Your Tickets!! ARRRRRRR!!!”

It was believed that Rita and Rob have ended their relationship because of their individual work pressures. But now, everyone is assuming that the reason is actually something else.