Professor Green gives up Twitter for lent

Professor Green has stated that he would take a break from the Twitter front for the next forty days and forty nights. Yes, you heard it right, Pro Green- celeb tweeter du jour- is all set to give up his most loved past time for Lent. Thinking the amount of time Professor Green tweets in a single day; we were not quite sure how he would cope with going cold turkey from the Twitter.

The twenty nine year old rapper begun his Twitter fast on a bad note, because he did not realize that today was the beginning of lent. After tweeting many messages on the social networking site, the rapper finally signed off for the next 6 weeks.

Professor Green tweeted: “lent begins today? what a sick excuse to give up twitter. laters. (sic)”

Since he joined Twitter, Professor Green has always been very notorious and quite well known for his no holds barred approach. He even used this site to speak against several well known personalities. He has many public spats on this very site.

Last year, he had a fell out with TOWIE star Amy Childs. Apart from his celeb spats, he generally update his followers about everything and anything he is going to do.

Now it seems that with no Twitter, Professor Green will have plenty of free time in his hands.