Professor Green introduces new puppy Matilda

Feisty rapper Professor Green revealed his softer side on Twitter recently by introducing to his new puppy to the world. The rapper shared a picture of theadorable Matilda being cuddled by the lady in Grren's life, Millie Mackintosh. He captioned the snap: “Wrapping up more album sh*t today, and looking after the brand new member of our family,”

The dog loving rapper followed up the cute snap with a comment regarding his new puppy's toilet training. He wrote: “Forgot about puppies toilet habits – what a fun few weeks this is going to be! *puts change of clothes in bag*”

And to just show exactly how cuddly and lovable Matilda is, Pro Green shared a second picture for us all to coo over. Those huge paws! The sad expression! It’s just too much.

So before we hit some nitty gritty detail, we must give a pat to Professor Green. We have to be fair. Professor Green would never let in Spencer Matthews leave with his tough comments about beloved Millie Mackintosh. So, this is probably just a matter of time when Green hit the internet to write some furious words against Matthews. Earlier this week, Spencer called Millie Mackintosh a 'show pony'.