Professor Green will not pen songs

Rapper Professor Green has stated that he expects never to pen a song about his fiancee Millie Mackintosh and he also made it clear that he would only write a track about her if they split. At present, the 'Read All About It' star is working on his 3rd studio album after the success of his 2011 album 'At Your Inconvenience,' that did very well on the music charts peaking at number 3.

After his recent engagement to former Made In Chelsea actor, fans would now want Professor Green's next offerings to be full with peaked sweet odes to his beloved but the Green said that this could not be further from the truth.

Recently, while speaking to a leading UK based tabloid, Green told that he has told his girlfriend that he just write songs about girls whom he has split with. Therefore he does not want to write a song about her. When the tabloid asked if there will be any love songs, he told that nobody wants to listen to that.

Speaking about his inspiration, he told that he find it from a lot of places and it depends on the mood he is in. Nothing is set in stone. He might have bought a house now but he just own it for as long as he pay the mortgage. Life is more serious than it ever has been. He has got used to things a bit and he has taken some time to himself to live life. As much as he has grown up, he is still having fun.