Ricky Martin sued by Luis Adrian Cortes over his 2014 World Cup song Vida

Ricky Martin, the Latin pop singer, is confronting a $US 10 million plagiarism lawsuit on his soccer World Cup 2014 track Vida. Luis Adrian Cortes Ramos, an aspiring artist and a former finalist on Idol Puerto Rico, claimed that he submitted his version of the song as a part of the SuperSong, a competition that Ricky and Sony Music executives started last year to search a new tune for FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
As per court documents, which is filed in Puerto Rico previous week, the contest organizers promised that the winning composer would be recognized and he would be given credit for his work, but Luis Adrian Cortes stated that this never happened.
He argues that his track could not make the official cut for final 5 in SuperSong competition back in January. After that it was released by Martin months later, and that is done without taking his permission.
Lawyers for the complainant told that Ramos was disillusioned, surprised and went through mental anguish because the track was the almost identical to the one he composed. Till that moment, Ricky was an idol for Ramos.
A representative for Ricky Martin has denied to comment anything on the matter. He just stated that the Sony bosses are presently looking into the matter. The song Vida is credited as penned by Elijah King, Salaam Remi and Ricky Martin and is produced by Remi.